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New version of sView is coming soon and development snapshot sViewSetup_v.9.5dev25a.exe is available for testing!

This build doesn’t have GUI and still in deep development stage. Video-decoding processed on CPU. OpenGL 2.0 GPU is required. Remove old sView before installation new version. sView will be associated with ‘jps’, ‘pns’, ‘avi’ and ‘wmv’ files.

New stereo-device support list:

  • Anaglyph (use F1, F2,… for variations)
  • Dual output, mirror output
  • Interlaced output, autodetection for Zalman and Hyundai monitors, EDimensional onscreen codes, Sharp monitor (launch sView with interlace output and press F3)
  • iZ3D monitors, autodetection
  • NVIDIA stereo-driver, do not use it (experimental)
  • software PageFlip; EDimensional onscreen codes; BlueLine sync code (from Apple code sample, not tested)
  • QuadBuffered for professional cards
  • Vuzix SDK, VR920

Changes from previous official release (

  • New version scheme, Ubuntu-style
  • Improved multi-threading
  • Native Unicode support
  • AMD64 builds
  • Linux support
  • Better multi-monitors configurations support
  • Autodetection mechanism for some devices
  • GLSL (OpenGL Shader Language), speed up rendering
  • Audio/Video playback via FFmpeg and OpenAL libraries
  • File Drag&Drop
  • Removed files count limit
  • Go to fullscreen via middle mouse button
  • New devices support (Zalman, EDimensional,…)
  • Module architecture, another developers could provide own stereo-devices support extensions
  • Improved Vista/Window7 support

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