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2015-10-04 Tracked Android device orientation in sView

sView 15.10 with improved panorama output support is available on all supported platforms (Windows, OS X, Ubuntu, Android). Main changes in new version:

  • Support reading cubemaps in format 3:2 (two rows per 3 quad sides, as on video Star Wars on Facebook).
  • Added button to activate 360 panorama view (from cubemap or spherical panorama videos and images) on toolbar.
  • Added Czech translation files (thanks to Marek Audy).
  • Added new demo image, prepared by Paul Eckhardt (
  • Add option to automatically workaround aspect ratio of anamorphic 1080p and 720p videos.
  • Implemented device orientation tracking within panorama mode on Android (requires precise sensors).
  • Improved handling of last opened file and settings storage on Android.

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