sView - 3D Stereoscopic Software

2015-08-29 Updated interface and cubemaps in sView

sView 15.08 with updated user interface is available on all supported platforms (Windows, OS X, Ubuntu, Android). Main changes in new version:

  • Cubemap images support (6 sides of the cube stacked horizontally).
  • Added hot-keys configuration dialog.
  • Fixed issue with HiDPI displays within multi-monitor configurations on Windows 8.1+.
  • Added volume bar and shuffle/loop buttons to Media Player.
  • Updated User Interface - more compact interface, new icons in menu, add scrollbars, improved HiDPI support.
  • Improved integration into Ubuntu - fixed missing icons on taskbar.
  • Improved touch-screens support.
  • Many minor corrections.

Cubemap is an alternative to spherical panoramas (supported by sView for a long time) providing better image quality. You can download many stereoscopic cubemaps from contest on

As usual, please refer to this page for complete list of changes.


View stereo-videos and stereo-photos with sView!

  • sView is easy to use
  • Most modern stereo devices are supported
  • Program opens all popular stereo-formats
  • Universal - supports both stereoscopic and flat materials
  • Provides advances controls to adjust stereo-output
  • Absolutely free and with open sources!

This is very easy to start use the program - just setup the program and supported stereo-files will be opened with sView.

What is the stereo?

First time hear about stereo-image? Good time to know about it.

Humans viewing is binocular. Two eye views combine in the brain to create the visual perception of one three-dimensional image. Stereoscopic depth perception is a visual skill that allows you to accurately judge relative distances between objects and perceive three dimensional space. This is very important for our perception of the world.

stereo brain

stereo devices

How to see stereo on the computer?

Most of computer displays are absolutely flat. There are a lot of devices have been created to 'emulate' stereo vision. The main trick they use - to show separate images for left and right eye.

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